Wealth Protection and Insurance

Without appropriate insurance cover in place, it can take years to build wealth and only an instant to lose it.

While we don’t like to dwell on the things that can go wrong, it would be extremely risky not to at least consider contingencies in the event of something happening to a family member that might result in significant financial ramifications. Injury, illness or death can strike at any time and without adequate safeguards in place, can potentially make a family’s financial security almost impossible. This can create additional financial strain at a time when the family already has enough to deal with simply from the emotional impact.

As part of a financial strategy that we prepare, we are able to also assess whether current insurance cover is adequate, more than needed, or insufficient based on your situation and objectives.  Where existing cover is overly expensive or inadequate, we can provide alternative quotes for consideration to make sure you can have the peace of mind knowing that come what may – you can deal with the financial consequences.

Did You Know?

Most life insurance policies pay a commission to the people that sell them. In some cases, a salesman can receive the entire first year premium as commission.

As a fee based firm, we don’t take commissions when we arrange insurance for our clients.  We arrange for clients to pay a lower premium each year instead – usually this means a discount of around 30% per year.