Our Values

Within our business, we have four core values which form the basis for everything we do.

Personal Service

More and more, big institutions are trying to automate their services to be able to have as many customers as possible. We believe that when providing advice however, it needs to be tailored to your situation, your goals and your dreams. Those things don’t fit neatly into a checkbox. It comes ideally from sitting down face to face, asking questions and listening.

Client First

We know that as a client, you want advice that is best for you. You also want to be able to trust your adviser. We want to build long term relationships with our clients year after year and the best way for us to do that is to always do the right thing by them.

Independent Advice

It is important that clients know we are on their side. To ensure this, we choose to be independent – which is surprisingly rare. Being independent means we don’t receive any commission. It also means we don’t have any of our own investments to sell to you. Lastly, it means we don’t have a bank or financial institution dictating what we can or can’t do. Less than 1% of advisers in Australia can call themselves independent.

Asset Class investing

When you are independent and can recommend whatever investments are most appropriate for a client, you learn some interesting things about investing. For example, around 78% of professional Australian share managers achieve a return below the market average over 10 years. The reason is, for every buyer there is a seller and for every winner there is a loser – but they are losing overall due to transaction fees and taxes. Given this, we prefer to capture the return from an asset class in a low cost, buy and hold style approach that eliminates stock picking because we believe this is the most effective way to invest long term.